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The Ten Steps of BGreen Homes

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Prepare Home Site (1 week)

All Bgreen Homes pad sites are cleared of vegetation, built-up and follow the engineer’s drainage plan for the development when completing the yard grades. This allows proper drainage around your home.

Phase Two:

Dig footings, set slab forms, rough plumbing and pour slab (3 weeks)

We use a monolithic foundation system constructed as one single with cables and thickened portions of the slab under load bearing walls and all perimeter edges that take the place of footers.

Phase Three:

Frame home and install roofing  (3 weeks)

This phase is where we implement some of our Energy Star features with framed corners and Tees so they can be insulated, proper flashing of windows, Air barrier on attic side of ALL walls and knee walls adjoining attic space, air barrier behind shower stalls, insulation dam between porch/patios, 2nd floor walls adjoining attic to hold insulation in place and insulate headers with ½ inch foam board.

Phase Four:

“Top Out” plumbing, electrical, security and HVAC (3 weeks)

We begin with the HVAC that has to design a “Manual D” duct layout and and Manual J report for proper room by room loads. Then finish up with the plumbing and electrical.

Phase Five:

Pre-sheetrock inspections (2 weeks)

Bgreen Homes provides a one on one walk-through with the security company and builder for quality assurance. We also have the City Inspection AND the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater Inspection for Energy Star requirements at this stage.

Phase Six:

Drywall, Cabinets and Interior trim. Exterior brick (3 weeks)

Drywall is installed at this stage and caulked to the top plate for a good seal and Energy Savings. We then lay the tile to have clean cabinet and trim installations.  During this stage the Brick will be delivered and started depending on the weather.

Phase Seven:

Paint (2 weeks)

This process varies depending on the size of your home and will go to a 3-point process. Everything will get sanded and primed with two coats of paint.

Phase Eight:

Final plumbing, electrical and mechanical (2 weeks)

Bgreen Homes will not stack their subcontractors. Each trade will have the house to themselves avoiding mistakes if at all possible.

Phase Nine:

Driveway, Sod and Landscaping (2 weeks)

The Oklahoma weather is one of the hardest to predict but we must have a driveway before Sod. We like to have the sod installed before gutters for that nice clean finish!

Phase Ten:

Final punch list and walk through (1 week)

This is the final stage before closing where we have a pre-closing walk-through and show you how everything works, punch out items that need attention and review warranties.

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